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Projects and Portfolio Term

I’ve reached the half way through my projects term at BCIT and I’ve done a ton of work. Every day I’m thinking up new ways to complete my missions for my project. In case you missed my last post, you can click here to see it. At the same time as the lego project, I’ve been working on an ePortfolio. An ePortfolio highlights the works you’ve done as a programmer/web developper. This website will be one of the elements in my portfolio. Because I’ve coded most of the website including the right hand navigation, this website gives me a great way to test the new skills I’m learning at BCIT. The next challenge that I’ll attempt during summer is to get a banner of pictures across the top of the website. This way when you come to my website, you’ll see pictures of me climbing right away without going to the Photo Gallery. I’d also like to add the chess game I created last semester in Java. The chess game I created incorporated all legal moves by all pieces. The two things I haven’t yet implemented are the castling and checking procedures. You may think that programming a chess game is easy but I assure you, it’s many hours of thinking, designing and coding. One of the hardest parts about chess is “check”. If you’re in check, you have to move out of check, or block the pieces. That one sentence probably takes 50 lines of code. All-in-all, it’s no easy process. In 3 weeks, when my projects term is complete, I’ll be heading off to Europe again to compete on the World Cup circuit. I’ll also start my summer adventure in Vail for the Teva Mountain Games.

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LEGO Robots

I just finished a semester at school last week. This week, my next semester at school has already started. This semester is a lot shorter than the previous two, only five weeks. During my last semester I was taking 7 courses; the courses were OO Programming in C, Procedural Programming in C, Computer Architecture and Design, Relational Database, Business Communication 2, Discrete Math, and PE. I know the PE one is pretty funny especially because I’m a very committed climber. Although I’ve talked with the associate dean, I cannot get that course exempt. All in all, that semester went pretty well, and I hopefully retained a pretty good GPA. This semester is a bit different in school, it’s a projects semester. The projects semester is supposed to be a big 5 week project done in groups of at least 5. This semester we’re more or less competing in the First Lego League. This league is usually done by students in high school. To make this project harder for us, they’ve added “missions” and made some of the existing ones harder. On top of that, we’re also hard coding the program ourselves. In the regular league, the teams use a drag and drop program to program their robots, we’ll be using the programming language “Java” to program our robots. In the whole semester, everything we build MUST be made of LEGO. So basically, I get to play with LEGO and program it for the next 5 weeks. We have 5 weeks and this is the end of the first one. Next Monday we’ll be receiving our actual robot. The robot itself is going to come with about 100 different LEGO parts and we’ll be able to add 50 extra parts ourselves. The robot, by the end of the 5 weeks, will compete in a tournament against the other groups in the CST program at BCIT. When my semester ends, I’ll be taking off to Europe. I’ll be posting about my trip shortly. I’ve decided that this year I’ll be attending the World Cup in Vail to kick start my season. Although school has interfered with my training, hopefully I’ll be in competition mode by June.

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My mid-terms have finished and I’ve gotten a few back. My results were pretty good and I almost aced another Math midterm. Last semester i got 40/40 on the midterm, this year, I only managed a 53/54. Lost a mark on a question that I misread… oh well! I only have 4 more weeks of school, then my final exams. After a month project term in May, it looks like I’m headed off to Europe again for the summer. I’m almost positive I’m going to Tour De Bloc Nationals in Toronto, World Cup in Vail, and then taking off to Europe after that. I’ll be competing in another 3-4 boulder world cups during the summer. The way that they’ve organized the World Cups makes it pretty hard for me to compete in any lead events. I’ll be competing in Chamonix but that’s about it. The World Cups in Asia are just too expensive to fly to and the rest are in October and November and I’ll be back in my 3rd semester of school… I’ll just look at the bright side and be thankful I get to compete in 4 bouldering World Cups.

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