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4 Month Road Trip

Well I’m off, I just started my 4 month road trip. Last year, I went on a similar trip and it was so good, I’ve decided to go again. Last year, I started my trip with Marshal German and JJ Mah and finished it with my girlfriend Mathilde Becerra. I started at the beginning of June and I was in Europe until the beginning of October. At the beginning of October, my parents met me in Venice, Italy and took me on an 18 day trans-atlantic cruise which finished in Florida. This year, I plan on being here for almost 4 and a half months. My return ticket is already booked and I leave September 5th. The start of the trip went well, the day before I left, my good friend Kevin Shaw called me and told me Ben Frisby was back in town. Lots of my friends are away at school until the summer and it was going to be my last night to see them before embarking on my trip. I met up with them, had a few drinks and had a good night out downtown for my last night in Canada. The next day, I spent the morning making sure I had packed everything and went off to the airport. After a long wait in the airport, I finally got onto my airplane. Unfortunately, when I thought I had reserved my aisle seat, it somehow didn’t go through, and I was forced to sit in a middle seat for a 10 hour flight. The whole 10 hours, I didn’t get out of my seat… The plane was quite nice, I flew on Lufthansa which is a part of the Star Alliance. I booked my flight through Air Canada which was nice. The best part of the airline was the individual TV’s in each seat. It was a big touch screen, so I could pick what movies or or TV shows I wanted to watch. The selection was pretty poor and after watching the best one ”Bolt”, I was forced to watch ”Inkheart”, then 40 minutes of ”Desperate Housewives”. I took a break and listened to 2 hours of music while getting some sleep. After getting another meal, I was pretty awake, we still had 2 hours left in the flight so I started watching ”Marley and Me”. I got most of the way through before they shut off the TV’s for landing and some parts were pretty funny. We landed, customs took maybe 5 minutes and I went and found my train. I couldn’t believe how easily I found everything this year. I found the platform, took an earlier train and got to Basel an hour and half early. I took a little train to Aesch where my good friends Omar Momente and Diana Pinzon live. Omar takes a lot of pictures and has a website to share them. Omar is the person that actually owns the car that I drive around in Europe. Since insurance would be absolutely ridiculous for my age bracket, he puts all the paperwork through and it totally saves me. I’m driving around the same car and same plates too. I found out that I’ll be able to take one of the plates home and pay like 20 dollars. I’m just getting settled in right now, I’ll pick up my car in a few hours and take a while to organize it. Tomorrow, I think I’ll go climbing somewhere in Switzerland. In the next week, I’ll eventually get to Innsbruck and prepare for the Bouldering World Cup in Hall, Austria.

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