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My 2013 Season

Boy has it been a long season, a memorable one at that. For the third year in a row, I’ve managed to stay at the top of the world cup circuit not only in one discipline but two. I also set personal competition and practice best in Speed climbing. A picture says a thousand words, here you go… (link to 2012 Season)

[singlepic id=626 w=600 h= float=centre]

My best competition of the year was in Slovenia when I won my first bouldering world cup. During the next 3 world cups, I made finals but wasn’t able to snag another podium. Such is competition life and I had a blast in every one of them.

During my lead season, it had a very rough start; I think I didn’t leave enough of a break for my body to recover from my training. It wasn’t until just after the Arco Rockmasters that I learned once again how to relax while climbing and do my best. After I won the duel in Arco, I went on to podium in the next 7 events; the best run of my career. It ended when I missed finals in Kranj in the last world cup of the year. My consolation prize was that I came 10th. With that last world cup placing I had come in the top-10 in every boulder and lead world cup of 2013. On the speed side I set a competition best in Arco at 8.83 seconds and in Korea I set a personal best during the practice at 8.79 seconds.

[singlepic id=557 w=500 h= float=centre]

By the end of both seasons, the overall rankings were tight. I was more lucky in bouldering securing my 3rd place finish overall Rustam Gelmanov by just a few points. In Lead, I finished 5th in overall but the results are a bit misleading as I only competed in 6 of the 8 events. Nevertheless, my good friend Hyunbin Min beat ME by only a few points 🙂

[singlepic id=627 w=500 h= float=centre]

In the combined overall, it was a small race between Jakob Schubert and me. He took 1st place at the last world cup of the year in Kranj which secured his victory. For the third year in a row, I placed 2nd in the combined overall!

If you’re interested to see every single competition I’ve done under the International Banner, just click HERE.

As I sit here thinking about my long year, I get nostalgic. I love competing and I can’t wait for it to start up next year. That being said, I love my break, my rest and my off-season.

Finally, but the most important is my sponsors, friends, family and Mathilde Becerra. I couldn’t do the things I love or compete on the circuit without all of them.



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Joe Rockhead Climbing Gym



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    Congrats on an amazing competition season Sean! We keep following your achievements over the season and can’t help but be impressed and proud of you! Keep it going and we look forward to following you during the next season! Joyeuses fetes!


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    John Meget


    Obviously a standout year, in which you were a serious threat to win any world level comp you entered.

    You said you may not have given your body enough rest before the lead season. Can you get that rest in 2014, and still take part in so many comps, esp the full series of WC boulder and lead events?


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      Sean McColl


      Yes I can. I meant I didn’t take enough rest between my “intensive” training. This year I’ll train for 6 weeks during that transition period and leave a good 2 weeks to rest up for that first Lead world cup. I have yet to decide when I will make that transition!


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