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Planning my 2013 Season

As I’m now back in Toulouse France, my real training has resumed. I’m trying to get into the gym 4-5 days a week. Because I’m doing all bouldering and campusing training right now, the number of hours doesn’t have to be as high as when I’m doing only circuit training. I wrote a post about the 25 competitions that I did in 2012 if you missed it HERE. I’ve been putting together a list of competitions I’m planning on doing in 2013 and it’s already up around 20. Although my season could change, these are the competitions that are on my mind…
  • March 23/24 – Inter Regional French Cup (Lead – to qualify for Nationals)
  • April 5/6 – WC Millau, France (Bouldering)
  • April 25/26 – WC Kitzbuehel, Austria (Bouldering)
  • May 11/12 – WC Log-Dragomer, Slovenia (Bouldering)
  • May 17/18 – WC Innsbruck, Austria (Bouldering)
  • May 25/26 – French Lead Nationals (Lead ,Speed)
  • June 1/2 – WC Toronto, Canada (Bouldering)
  • June 5/6 – WC Vail, USA (Bouldering)
  • June 29/30 – China Open, Beijing, China (Lead, Boulder)
  • July 19/20 – WC Briancon, France (Lead)
  • August 3/4 – The World Games Cali, Colombia (Lead)
  • August 9/10 – WC Imst, Austria (Lead)
  • August 24/25 – WC Munich, Germany (Bouldering)
  • September 7 – RockMaster Arco, Italy (Bouldering, Lead)
  • September 14/15 – Adidas RockStars Stuttgart, Germany (Bouldering)
  • September 20/21 – WC Puurs, Belgium (Lead)
  • September 28/29 – WC Perm, Russia (Lead, Speed)
  • October 12/13 – WC Wujiang, China (Lead, Speed)
  • October 19/20 – WC Mokpo, Korea (Lead, Speed)
  • November 1/2 – WC Valence, France (Lead)
  • November 16/17 – WC Kranj, Slovenia (Lead)
If I get invited to the La Sportiva Legends Only, that’s also another competition I’d love to return to. As you can see, there’s already 21 competitions on my list. As I said before, this list could obviously change as the season progresses, but I still love competing, training and traveling.
On a side note, I couldn’t get the video footage of the campus training I took while in Vancouver. I’ve now planned on taking more footage this week (with my REAL camera) and work on the movie next week. Now that I’m back in Europe, I have much more time to work on stuff like this. It’ll be a basic campusing video showing a bunch of different exercises that I’ve been doing on the campus board. Most of the exercises are pretty basic and everyone can try them!
I’m also going to start blogging weekly and tweeting daily, so keep an eye out for those!

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