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Home from Hueco

I’m not finished my little road trip to Hueco Tanks. It started with ABS Nationals at the end of February where I finished 7th place, missing finals by one place, and by one hold as well. Finals results are in PDF by clicking here. That’s just the way it is, and I had a great time in Hueco. This is a shot on the last boulder I did in Hueco Tanks called Bloodline, V7. We knew about it for about a week before we went on a little mission around North Mountain to find it. [singlepic id=322 w=500 h=240 float=center]   Over the two and a half weeks in Hueco, I managed to complete a personal best at Hueco tanks. The following list represents the boulders that I hadn’t done before:
  • Nagual V13 (flash)
  • Terre De Sienne V13
  • Flamignon V13
  • Crown Royale V13
  • Diabolique V13
  • The Brown Smurf V13
  • Just Another Tequila Sunrise V12 (flash)
  • The Fist V11 (flash)
  • Subzero V11 (flash)
  • Between The Sheep V11
  • Crimping Christ On The Cross V10 (flash)
  • Flower Power V10 (flash)
I also repeated as many boulders I could get my hands on. Mostly V11’s and 12’s in preparation for the rodeo. During the rodeo, if you haven’t seen my video, go check it out HERE. I had an 81 point day in 7 problems. The rodeo was top 6, and I finished a very respectable 3rd behind Jorg Verhoeven and Daniel Woods. [singlepic id=323 w=350 h=240 float=center]   Next on my list is a training camp this weekend, which I’ll be blogging about, and then French Boulder Nationals next weekend! Check back in for stories and what I’ve been doing in preparation for those as well.  

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