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2012 here I come

I know it’s been a while since I’ve last posted and let’s be honest, I’ve been on vacation, and while on vacation, I’m lazy… After the last world cup last season in Barcelona, I took it easy. I started eating whatever I wanted again and even divulged into candy, pop and really whatever popped into my mind. That’s the great thing about going back home, going to parties and seeing all of your friends again, you’re doing whatever you want, whenever you want. While I’m training, I try to watch what I eat a bit; eat balanced meals and at least 3 times a day. I can’t say that my life over here in Europe is that much different. I wake up in the morning, have some coffee and then really I do whatever I want as well. It’s a bit different because when I’m over here, I have more concrete goals set up. Right now, I want to get back into training, I want to get back into shape, and I want to get stronger for my upcoming competitions. Although the world cup season doesn’t start until April, I’m thinking of going to ABS Nationals at the end of February, and seeing as I won the one in 2011, I have to be strong enough to at least give Daniel Woods a run for his money! I hope that I can head to Hueco just after to try and compete in the Hueco Rock Rodeo. I’ve never done that competition before, but I always read the stories and watch the videos from climbers just absolutely crushing it on those days. From what I understand, you have one day to do your top 6 boulder problems. This is not unlike a bouldering scramble format. The only big difference is that most of these problems will be redpoints, or training laps one could say. I remember reading a story of Daniel doing 6 V13’s or harder in one day. That’s absolutely ridiculous, and props to him for doing it. On top of doing that, he did like 4 of them that I can’t even touch! So back to my main point, I’m trying to get stronger. For some reason, every time I go to Hueco, I get shut down. Actually that’s not fair, every time I go to Hueco, I get shut down on anything harder than V12. I’ve done my fair share of V12’s in Hueco but I’ve been unable to break that little bubble into the 13’s. One could say, oh boo hoo, I can’t climb harder than V12, stop complaining Sean, which is fair. I’m just saying that if my upper limit is V14 (V15?), then I shouldn’t be getting shut down on all the 13’s in the park. I’ve been able to do Alma Blanca, Crown of Aragorn and El Techo (pre-break). These were all considered to be low end 13 at the park, so I’m stuck. Hopefully I can make it out to the rodeo and maybe even get the chance to run around with Daniel for some if not the whole day. I loved climbing with him and the crew in Hueco and if we can all feed off others people’s good energy, I know we can take down hard lines back to back even. So for now, it’s back to training. I had a good holiday in Vancouver and now it’s back to 4 times a week in the local climbing gym. I’m psyched even though this is the hardest part of the season for training. I just want to get back in shape like I was in November when I had my trip to Switzerland. Check into my Sendage page for my upcoming sendlist if my trip to Hueco and ABS gets approved!! I can only hope 🙂

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