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Nov 5th After the competition in Valence, I was back in Toulouse for almost a week. I had been planning a bouldering trip to Switzerland for a while now and I knew I was leaving on November 4th. I was headed to the south of Switzerland to go bouldering with Daniel Woods, Courtney Sanders, and they also said that Paul Robinson was joining the crew. I also learned that Chuck Fryberger was coming to do some filming as well! So pretty much, I was going to be bouldering with two guys that have already done almost every boulder problem in Switzerland, perfect! After a 12 hour, 1200km drive and 250 songs on the ipod, I had arrived and met the crew in Ticino. Chuck was getting in the next day and Paul was coming a few days later. Nov 7th I’ve been in Switzerland now for 3 days, and everything is wet. Chuck has been filming a bit and Paul is getting in tonight. I’ve also been blogging every day for the Sportiva LIVE website. I”ll be uploading it to them on the rest day and I’ll post when those will be up. I anticipate they’ll be about a week of lag but it’ll be accompanied with photos and hopefully a decent video at the end. It’s been pretty dark as well here so I haven’t gotten any good footage. We’ve climbed for the past two days in magicwood, but because it being pretty wet, they’ve been kind of break-in days. I’ve done a few good boulders, and almost flashed a pretty hard one as well, hopefully it’ll go down tomorrow when we head back to the forest!

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