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Pre-Comp Weekend

This past weekend was the World Cup in Amman and unfortunately I could not go. The cost of a flight to Amman was about the same as a flight back to North America and without the funding of a federation like Austria, France, Slovenija or Japan, I couldn’t justify the cost of going. I instead went to a training camp with the French team. It was a small regional training camp hosted at the climbing gym build by the Raboutou family. You can tell that a lot of passion went into building this gym because when it was build (20 years ago?), it would’ve been a very futuristic gym. Lots of overhangs and enough space to do 60 move circuits with double backing. I’ve also created a Facebook page for “Sean McColl“. I created it a couple weeks ago mostly out of curiosity of what it would look like. It looks pretty good, and the thrill of seeing people “Like” it exhilarates me! Because I’ve never told anyone about it, I guess people just randomly searching my name or something have found it. I’ve now added a Like button on the sidebar for this website located just under the search bar near the top-right. I’m continuing to work on my website and have had some problems loading in my background photos. As you can see, there are no background photos on my website and I’m trying to change it. I will hopefully have a nicely looking website before I’m back in Vancouver in December. If you have any suggestions for my website, I’m more than happy to hear them. The translation bar was suggested by someone after reading one of my posts and wishing they could translate it to German for a friend!

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