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3 weeks, 3 competitions

During the next 3 weeks, I’ll be doing a lot of competing, lead competing to be exact. This weekend, I have the competition of “Les 24 Heures du Mur”, the week after that is the world cup in Puurs, Belgium, and in two weeks is the world cup in Boulder, USA. As I said before, I’ve been doing a lot of circuit training at the gym here in Toulouse. I started with shorter circuits, roughly 30 moves and I’ve moved up into the 50-60 move range. I’ve been feeling pretty good and I hope that my month of circuit training will pay off. In the week leading up to the competition, I’m obviously going to be resting more than climbing. To compete in 3 competitions close together like this is pretty hard. I do get the week rest in between where I might climb once or twice but the overall effect of competing in competitions make your body and your mind quite tired. For the last competition in Boulder, I’ll have to deal with the jet lag which might not be so awesome. After all the complaining, deep down, I love competing and I’d do it over and over! [singlepic id=235 w=320 h=240 float=center] “Les 24 Heures du Mur” is a competition that has been going on in France for at least 10 years I believe. It’s competitions like these that get me excited to compete. This is similar to the Tout A Blocs (TAB) which I’ve been competing in for the past few years as well. This 24 Heures competition directly translates to “The 24 hours of wall” and for 2011, it’s going to be this weekend on the 24th and 25th. It’s called this because it’s similar to a standard scramble format competition but instead of having 3-4 hours to do top 5 climbs, you get 24 hours… Thats it!! Pretty simple when you think about it that way. The competition is to be held in Oloron, France, which is in the South-Western corner of France. Because I’m currently living in Toulouse, it’s only a 2 hour drive. If you come all the way from Lyon or Paris, it’ll be more like 6-8 hours of driving. The competition will start on Saturday at 10am, and finish the scramble round at 10am on Sunday. A few hours after the scramble format ends, there’s a finals. There’s a finals for the intermediate and elite categories. The top 8 male and female competitors get to compete in a final route, which is just one route onsight, like in world cup. One last thing is that you only get 3 attempts per climb. I’ve also heard that it’s very very painful when you fall off a route near or at the top… So I’m pretty excited for this competition although it’ll be the first time ever competing in this type of format. I’m hoping to get a good 5 routes done in the first 12 hours so I get to rest for the second half, kind of like a world cup competition weekend. I can hope it goes like this, but I really don’t know. Hope for the best, plan for the worst. 🙂 I hope I can make finals!

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