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Summer 2011

I’m extremely excited for summer 2011 for numerous reasons. I’m just finishing up my last semester at BCIT and hopefully by June, I’ll have my diploma in Computer Science. At the end of May, there’s the World Cup in Canmore, followed by the World Cup in Vail. Just after Vail, I should be heading straight to Europe to tackle the rest of the World Cups. It’s unfortunate that I can’t go to the first two World Cups of the season, but I’ll be trying to attend the other 6 which isn’t so bad in itself. The Boulder World Cups that I’ll competing in this year are:
  • Canmore, Canada, May 27-28
  • Vail, USA, June 3-4
  • Eindhoven, Netherlands, June 17-18
  • Barcelona, Spain, June 25-26
  • Sheffield, UK, July 2-3
  • Munich, Germany, August 6-7
The Lead World Cups that I’ll be competing in are:
  • Chamonix, France, July 12-13 (tentative as World Championships starts the day after)
  • Bern, Switzerland, August 18-19
  • Xining, China, September 2-3
  • Changzhi, China, September 9-10
  • Inzai, Japan, September 17-18 (these three competitions in Asia are also tentative due to the cost of flying to and staying in Asia for 3 weeks)
  • Puurs, Belgium, September 30 – October 1
  • Boulder, USA, October 8-9 (tentative)
  • Amman, Jordan, October 22-23 (no idea if I’ll attend this one)
  • Valence, France, October 28-29
  • Kranj, Slovenija, November 19-20
  • Barcelona, Spain, November 26-27
There is also the World Championships 2011 held in Arco, Italy. I plan on competing in all 3 disciplines as well as the overall rankings. This competitions is August 15-24. I haven’t fully decided on exactly which competitions to go to, but I’ll try to attend as many as possible without getting too tired from competing.

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    Tm Hatch


    The WCH is of course 15-24 July. Bring sunscreen!


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