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Banff Coaching Conference

This is the PRESS release for the Banff coaching conference that will be held on October 8-11th. I am going to be one of the guest speakers! PRESS RELEASE Katie Brown & Sean McColl to present at Banff Coaching Conference The Banff Coaching Conference returns for its third year from October 8 – 11, 2010 in Banff, Alberta, Canada. This conference is a professional development opportunity for new and existing coaches who work with young competitive climbers, although many of the sessions can be adapted for a variety of abilities and ages. This year’s theme is Long-Term Athletic Development, a concept that supports altering training principles depending on the developmental stage of the athlete and not their chronological age. With the prevalence of young children getting more involved in this sport, long gone are the days where we administer adult training programs to our smallest climbers. The Banff Coaching Conference is very proud to be bringing in a host of sport scientists and prominent climbers to present a variety of topics, including:
  • Katie Brown – professional climber and author
  • Sean McColl – professional climber and Canadian Youth National Team coach
  • Chris Danielson – professional route setter and representative for several climbing companies
  • Vikki Weldon – competition climbing and writer
  • Stacey Weldon – competition climbing and former Canadian Youth National Team Coach
  • Jason Holowach – competition climber and owner of the newest gym in Saskatoon
  • Dũng Nguyen – Canadian Youth National Team Coach and owner of The Vsion
  • Jody Miall – professional route setter and manager of Coyotes Rock Gym
  • Chris Neve – Canadian Youth National Team Coach and coordinator of The Banff Centre Climbing gym
Presentation sessions will deal with topics in the fields of: exercise physiology, nutrition, injury prevention, female athletics, youth programming, grant & fund finding, goal setting, route setting for competitions and training, season-long training plans, sport psychology, and more. If you are looking for more information before the start of registration or have an idea for a topic to be included in this conference, please contact Chris Neve @ chris_neve@banffcentre.ca or call 403.762.7545.

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