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Catching up!!

I know I’m behind in my posts, I’m in the process of writing a blog about the World Cup in Sheffield. I’ve been super busy. A quick resume would be this. After Sheffield, I was in Amsterdam for a couple of days, then went to Nancy for a few more days, then stopped in Basel to meet some good friends for a day. Now I’m in Chamonix!! I just topped both my qualifiers, and tomorrow is semi’s, and then maybe/hopefully finals?? There’s a live web-cast which is accessible by clicking HERE! The link has been down for a while, but it will hopefully be back up soon! The climbing times are listed HERE in the online PDF. Semi-finals will be from 2-4pm Europe time, so 5-7am Pacific. Finals will be a lot easier to watch because they will start at 8pm Europe time or 11am Pacific. In the coming days, I’ll be putting together the final touches for the Sheffield post and then anther one right behind that one for my first Lead world cup of the year!!

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