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My mid-terms have finished and I’ve gotten a few back. My results were pretty good and I almost aced another Math midterm. Last semester i got 40/40 on the midterm, this year, I only managed a 53/54. Lost a mark on a question that I misread… oh well! I only have 4 more weeks of school, then my final exams. After a month project term in May, it looks like I’m headed off to Europe again for the summer. I’m almost positive I’m going to Tour De Bloc Nationals in Toronto, World Cup in Vail, and then taking off to Europe after that. I’ll be competing in another 3-4 boulder world cups during the summer. The way that they’ve organized the World Cups makes it pretty hard for me to compete in any lead events. I’ll be competing in Chamonix but that’s about it. The World Cups in Asia are just too expensive to fly to and the rest are in October and November and I’ll be back in my 3rd semester of school… I’ll just look at the bright side and be thankful I get to compete in 4 bouldering World Cups.

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