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Upcoming Travels

In a few days I’ll be heading off to Montreal to represent Canada in the North American Championships. Two years ago, the competition was held in Denver and i managed to walk away with a win in the Open Men. On the womens side, Emily Harrington was the winner. The competition also has Junior categories and a handful of Edge Junior Team members are also going. While i’m there, I’ll play part athlete, part coach. The NACC08 will be held at a gym called “deprecated” in Montreal. The link shows just one picture of the lead wall but it looks like with a creative route setter, it could have great potential. One of the biggest problems we face in North America is having competition walls that are much smaller than the walls in Europe. After my 5 day trip to Montreal, I’m headed to Hueco Tanks, El paso with Jamie Chong, Simon Parton, Vikki and Weldon and Sonnie Trotter. I’ll be in Hueco from Dec 9th-Dec 21st, which means 8 or 9 days of solid bouldering! Check back here for photos and trip journals.

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