Projects and Portfolio Term

I’ve reached the half way through my projects term at BCIT and I’ve done a ton of work. Every day I’m thinking up new ways to complete my missions for my project. In case you missed my last post, you can click here to see it. At the same time as the lego project, I’ve

LEGO Robots

I just finished a semester at school last week. This week, my next semester at school has already started. This semester is a lot shorter than the previous two, only five weeks. During my last semester I was taking 7 courses; the courses were OO Programming in C, Procedural Programming in C, Computer Architecture and


My mid-terms have finished and I’ve gotten a few back. My results were pretty good and I almost aced another Math midterm. Last semester i got 40/40 on the midterm, this year, I only managed a 53/54. Lost a mark on a question that I misread… oh well! I only have 4 more weeks of