Gaia (E8 6c)

Preamble I have somewhat stopped actively blogging mostly because the number of people that read the posts were not as high as say an Instagram or Facebook post. Those updates are short and to the point, but lack an intimate story; in the end, I think most people just didn’t have the time to read

Arco Rockmaster”

This past weekend I attended the Arco Rockmaster Festival which is a Masters competition with a qualifying Open round. I decided to only do lead this year as well as the Speed Climbing World Cup. In the Speed World Cup, I almost beat my Personal Best (8.83) with a final time of 8.91. Full results


Although I haven’t had time to write a fully detailed recap of Psicocomp at OR this year, I think that between the videos, my posts and this final clip the message is clear, Psicocomp was awesome. It is a unique event that has latched onto the spirit of so many climbers. It’s a mix of