Arco Rockmaster”

This past weekend I attended the Arco Rockmaster Festival which is a Masters competition with a qualifying Open round. I decided to only do lead this year as well as the Speed Climbing World Cup. In the Speed World Cup, I almost beat my Personal Best (8.83) with a final time of 8.91. Full results


Although I haven’t had time to write a fully detailed recap of Psicocomp at OR this year, I think that between the videos, my posts and this final clip the message is clear, Psicocomp was awesome. It is a unique event that has latched onto the spirit of so many climbers. It’s a mix of

Another Day At The Office

[singlepic id=739 h=400 float=right] As a professional athlete, a rock climber to be more specific I am very grateful and lucky to have such cool experiences. A good friend and coach of mine Mike Doyle named one of his routes A.D.A.T.O. which stands for “Another Day At The Office”. Whenever I’m climbing outside or on