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Although I haven’t had time to write a fully detailed recap of Psicocomp at OR this year, I think that between the videos, my posts and this final clip the message is clear, Psicocomp was awesome. It is a unique event that has latched onto the spirit of so many climbers. It’s a mix of bouldering, lead and speed. To throw in a curve ball, there is also a fear aspect which usually doesn’t come into play in competition climbing, at least not at the World Cup level. Here is the final video of Psicocomp, brought to us by Louder Than 11. This video was very well put together and shows a lot of emotion from the climbers. Hats off to LT11. On this LINK, you can have access to every one of the races at Psicocomp and I’m sure most of you know that I set the record somewhere at around 42 seconds in the quarter finals against last year’s winner Jimmy Webb. For me, I’m off to Munich for the Boulder World Championships. Slightly different than Psicobloc, but not easier in any way. Different… let’s leave it at that.

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